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Leonardo TH-119 Platform


Experience IFR Capabilities in a Single-Engine Helicopter

In partnership with Leonardo Helicopters, Genesys has equipped its complete modernized avionics suite on the TH-119—a single-engine helicopter, and the first to meet IFR certifications in decades. The Leonardo TH-119, complete with Genesys’ avionics suite, features increased aircraft capabilities while keeping costs to a minimum. Meanwhile, the IFR certification allows pilots to fly safely in low-visibility and challenging weather conditions.

Genesys' avionics suite equipped on the TH-119 provides four IDU-680 displays in a dual-sided PFD/MFD format. The suite also includes dual redundant ADAHRS, dual GPS/FMS, dual DTA Acquisition Unit (DAU), and more. The Genesys IDU-680’s STC also certifies the TH-119 for Single Pilot IFR Operations (SPIFR). The level A certified IDU-680 is a large EFIS high-res, LCD glass display featuring:

  • 3D Synthetic Vision
  • Highway-In-The-Sky (HITS)
  • Enhanced HTAWS
  • Integrated FMS
  • Hover Vector
  • And more


The Training Helicopter of the US Navy

The TH-119 IFR certification is ground breaking for IFR training—allowing instruction from either pilot seat with full IFR capabilities, and creating a better learning environment even while riding as a passenger. The TH-119, equipped with Genesys’ modernized avionics suite, was selected by the US Navy to become the next generation TH-73A training helicopter to provide a modern helicopter training platform able to serve rotary and tiltrotor training requirements into the foreseeable future. The new Genesys equipped TH-119 helicopters will provide the Navy with the capacity to train several hundred aviation students each year for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. 


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