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Genesys Avionics Suite

A Complete Cockpit System Upgrade for Special Mission Aircraft

The Genesys Avionics Suite provides renewed operational life to aircraft through a complete, comprehensive, and affordable cockpit system upgrade to existing fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft. The Genesys Avionics Suite includes the following system components:


EFIS Glass Upgrade - Primary and Multi-Function Flight Displays

Lightest, most comprehensive, integrated Electronic Flight Instrument System enhances safety, reduces pilot workload, and increases mission flexibility. 

Features Include:

  • Redundant ADAHRS attitude source (replaces legacy attitude sensors)
  • Redundant GPS/SBAS Receivers
  • Dual NAV/COM radios
  • Integrated radio/audio management
  • Weather radar control and display
  • Built-in support/interfaces for FLIR Satcom, DF, HF, UHF, TACAN, Datalink, SELCAL, tactical radios, etc.


"I have no doubt this machine and its Genesys EFIS system is going to provide a great teaching platform for instructors currently flying the 50-year-old TH-57. And the pilots it produces will be ready for the transition to the most advanced combat aircraft the 21st century has to offer." - Richard Ward, AIN Online, Describing Leonardo TH-119 military training helicopters


FMS - Flight Management

Genesys' IDU EFIS suites feature a built-in Flight Management System for improved mission effectiveness, enhanced safety, and workload management.


SVS - Synthetic Vision & Highway-In-The-Sky

Genesys' 3D Synthetic Vision and Highway-In-The-Sky flight navigation enhances safety and reduces pilot workload plus provides precision aircraft operations including RNP and LPV approaches.


TAWS - Fixed-Wing & Helicopters

Genesys' IDU EFIS suites feature all classes of fixed wing and helicopter TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System) for enhanced Safety and workload management.


EICAS Upgrade

Genesys' patented OASIS (Open Architecture System Integration Symbology) software allows easy customization and display of engine information and CAS messages. Provides customizable full engine indication and crew alerting system, replacing outdated gauges and annunciators.

Features include:

  • Color graphical presentation, reducing cockpit workload
  • Enhances safety
  • Warning and Caution messages are tailored to eliminate incorrect interpretation
  • Exceedance log recording


"Building and customizing avionics pages using OASIS without compromising the TSO integrity is a game-changer for customers and a key feature that drew us to work with Genesys," said Rod Allison, President of XP Services.


Autopilot Upgrade - Helicopter Autopilots

Genesys Helicopter Autopilots and the HeliSAS®  Helicopter Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System provide safety and workload reduction for both single and dual pilot operations. Genesys' helicopter autopilots are available as a VFR or IFR autopilot for both Part 27 and Part 29 helicopters. They deliver safety and workload reduction benefits with fully coupled autopilot and stability augmentation in a compact lightweight package.

Features include:

  • Lightweight, weighs less than 15 pounds for VFR version and 30 pounds (14 kg) for IFR Version
  • Dramatically reduced pilot workload
  • Safer, more confident command, even under demanding conditions
  • Autopilot fully-coupled to FMS, GPS, and navigation radios
  • The Gensys Helicopter IFR Autopilot is designed for three-axis (pitch, roll and yaw) autopilot configuration for IFR use. The Genesys Helicopter IFR Autopilot can work in conjunction with the exiting SAS system to add upper mode capability.


“An autopilot can be a lifesaver when a VFR helicopter pilot wanders into the clouds, and from that perspective alone, he said, “the technology has paid off in spades.” Now, Cincotta recognized that the HeliSAS also represented the crew’s best chance of survival on this clear sunny afternoon in south Louisiana.” - Elan Head, Vertical 911 Magazine, Winter 2019 Issue (Pg. 60)


Autopilot Upgrade - Fixed-Wing Autopilots

S-TEC fixed-wing autopilots are full-featured, attitude-based digital flight control systems that provide dramatic workload reduction and safety-enhancements making flying safer and more enjoyable. In addition to standard autopilot features, enhancements include envelope protection and Indicated Airspeed. The autopilot is designed for both Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft.


Radios - Navigation & Communication

The Genesys Digital Radio (GDR) is a family of remote-mount, software-definable radios combining VOR/localizer/glideslope and marker beacon navigation and VHF communication with a UHF communication option in a single box.


ADAHRS Only Upgrade

Replaces the legacy attitude source that poses reliability, obsolescence, and cost challenges for operators. An ADAHRS upgrade provide the necessary interface that drives the stability augmentation system and existing panel attitude indicators. This upgrade is a standalone solution for aircraft, replacing and modernizing legacy equipment without the requirement to upgrade to a full avionics suite.



System interfaces are key to the open-architecture design to help dramatically reduce integration costs and schedules. The Genesys Avionics Suite includes all necessary interfaces to get the aircraft up and flying.



Sensors provide key aircraft system inputs to help increase aircraft operational performance and reduce integration costs and schedules. The Genesys Avionics Suite includes all necessary sensors to get the aircraft up and flying.


Explore the Genesys Avionics Suite on a UH-60 Black Hawk