Affordable GPS roll steering for general aviation

The GPSS interfaces with the composite roll steering commands output by GPS navigators to fly a complete, pre-programmed flight plan—hands off. If the GPS database includes instrument approach procedures, the flight plan can also include an approach to the destination airport. GPSS is available as a standard feature on the System Fifty-Five X autopilot, and is also available as an upgrade to any existing S-TEC autopilot.*

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GPSS benefits:

  • Complete GPS Flight Tracking: Interfaces with GPS to fly pre-programmed flight plans hands-free.
  • Smooth Waypoint Transitions: Calculates turn initiation point to fly from centerline of current leg to centerline of new leg, enabling autopilot to fly a precisely-curved transition path between legs.
  • Reduced Pilot Workload: Eliminates need to set course arrow or heading bug at leg changes.
  • Enhanced Autopilot Functionality: Fully-interoperable with any existing S-TEC model autopilot.*

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* Please check STC list for applicability