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Sikorsky S-61T Platform


Avionics For Every Mission

The latest version of the Sikorsky S-61 helicopter, the Sikorsky S-61T is outfitted with a fully modernized glass cockpit, complete with Genesys’ avionics suite—developed to reduce pilot workload, enhance safety, and improve situational awareness. The cockpit features four IDU-680 EFIS displays with quadruple redundant FMS, moving maps, synthetic vision, and a completely integrated EICAS. Along with a state-of-the-art glass cockpit, the S-61T also includes automatic direction finding system, distance measuring system, integrated digital audio/radio management system, and aft-cabin audio control.

Operators also experience comprehensive integration as navigation, communications, and warning systems communicate in real time. The Genesys avionics suite provides complete flexibility, supporting any mission without costly or time-consuming completion center customizations so you can get into service faster, at lower cost. To also provide a simpler, lower-cost path to upgrades, the Genesys modernized avionics suite also includes built-in support/interfaces for:

  • FLIR
  • Satcom
  • DF
  • HF/UHF
  • Datalink
  • Tactical radios
  • And more


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